4CS of Passaic County realizes that the surest way to quality child care is through training. Conferences and training are offered on a comprehensive range of topics. The schedule of trainings includes stand alone workshops, workshop series to give in-depth awareness on broad topics, and certificate programs for child care professionals.

Training provided at 4CS is led by professional trainers with years of experience in child care management; staff with advanced degrees in education, social work, and other related fields. Conferences include local and national leaders in child care.

All training is offered in Spanish and English. Training offered by 4CS is designed to meet the needs of various groups. For instance:

For Parents

  • Child care options
  • Balancing work and family stress
  • Child development issues
    • Discipline
    • Social concerns
    • Age appropriate activities

For Child Care Professionals

  • Management tools
    • Business practices
    • Personnel management
    • Board relations
    • Staff development
    • Public relations
  • Family Child Care Registration (FCC) training
  • Child Development Associate (CDA) training
  • Age-appropriate activities
  • Counseling practices for resource and referral staff

For Corporations

  • Child care options
  • Managing workers with family stress
  • Child care problems and employee stress
  • Lowering mid-management resistance to work/family programs and policies