4Cs of Passaic County, Inc. (4Cs) is an equal opportunity employer. 4Cs provides many type of employment opportunities in our administrative offices. Applications and resumes are accepted at all times.

All 4Cs of Passaic County employees are required to:

  • Provide two written character references
  • Complete a pre-employment medical examination
  • Complete a pre-employment drug screening

Employment Opportunities Include:

Administrative Offices
Department Managers
Eligibility Specialists
Home Inspectors
Data Entry

Open Positions:

  1. Administrative Assisstant Subsidy and family Services
  2. Administrative Assistant FCC
  3. Family Child Care Inspector
  4. Job Description Inspector, Trainer
  5. Intake Worker Eligibility Specialist(1)
  6. Administrative Assistant/ Trainer Education Dept.
  7. Family Child Care Inspector/ Subsidy and Family services Dept.
  8. Shared Services Project Coordinator, Education Dept.
  9. NJFS Infant Toddler Specialist (Temporary)
  10. Family Engagement Specialist Education
  11. Family Services Special Programs Subsidy

A cover letter and resume can be submitted to hr@4cspassaic.net.