Disclaimer for Storage & Handling of Data

4Cs of Passaic County, Inc. Resource and Referral Agency (4Cs) safeguards all information, forms, and
documentation provided by families, child care providers, and clientele. We do not sell, communicate or
divulge your information to any mailing lists. We will not, in any circumstances, share your personal
information with other individuals or organizations without your permission, including public
organizations, corporations or individuals, except when applicable by law or governed by State
agencies/liaisons. The only exception is if the law or a court order compels us to. We will share your
information with government agencies when required and/or requested. The agencies in question are State
of New Jersey Division of Family Development (DFD), Office of Licensing (OOL), and any other
mandated State of New Jersey regulatory agencies.
4Cs of Passaic County, Inc. (4Cs) only gathers the information obtained from clients, providers, and
students as a means to determine eligibility to the various programs. All personal and confidential
information is collected and accessed only as needed to perform legitimate duties affiliated with providing
the clients, families, and child care providers with services. 4Cs of Passaic County, Inc. staff ensure that
client, family, and child care providers information and documentation is safeguarded.
The personal information collected is only utilized by 4Cs staff for the purposes defined at the time of the
collection or a use that complies with these purposes and is not shared with third parties with exception of
the State of New Jersey Division of Family Development (DFD), Office of Licensing (OOL), and any
other mandated State of New Jersey regulatory agencies or as required by law.
As mentioned above, we use your personal information to appropriately process your requests and present
you with the information you need to access. We also utilize all of the information you provide voluntarily
as a means to communicate and maintain you abreast of your case.
If you have granted us the permission to email you, we can use your personal information in order to send
you newsletters, resources, and updates from the agency and/or State liaisons, with the intent of offering
you the best and highest quality of services possible.
The sender of an email prepared by 4Cs of Passaic County, Inc. is easily identifiable and reachable, via
email or phone.
4Cs of Passaic County, Inc. staff safeguard and apply the appropriate security measures to preserve the
confidentiality of your information, document the data received and store all data collected in the
individuals’ files as well as the agency’s Internal Data Management System (DMS). The DMS allows for
scanning to be done remotely and for documentation to be sent and received via confidential email to
clients, families, and providers as well as allows for storing, recording, and tracking of data received such
as dates, emails, address, phone numbers and pertinent information required to provide the upmost quality
serves needed.
All personal information you supply is protected in according with the federal government’s Privacy Act.
The agency adheres to the recordkeeping policy as defined by the United States Office of the Treasury in
maintaining printed records. This means that you are entitled to know when the information is collected
and to be informed of the purpose of such collection.