Provider Support Services

Provider Support Services

Advanced Health & Safety Training, Technical Assistance and Health Consultations

Child Care Health Consultants Flyer English and Spanish

The Child Care Health Consultants do not offer the required basic trainings. They offer advanced trainings in health & safety, online health consultations and on-site technical assistance.

Child Care Health Consultants are available to assist licensed child care centers and registered family child care providers. Providers that paticipate in the NJ Child Care Assistance Program and/or that are enrolled in Grow NJ Kids will be
given priority.

Virtual services include:

  • Training on advanced health and safety topics include keeping healthy in child care during the COVID-19 pandemic, safe medication administration, child safety and injury prevention, food allergies, special diets and feeding issues, working with children with special needs and more.
  • Health and safety informational huddles on child health and safety topics.
  • Technical assistance and consultations including online consultations on best practice standards of health and safety in child care, assistance with the implementation of COVID-19 guidance and assistance with the development of policies and procedures, personal care routines, immunization and health records.
  • Providing health and safety resources and referrals.

For more information and to register log into your NJCCIS account and use the advanced search to search by “Training Agency” – select “Central Jersey Family Health Consortium” 

To get targeted technical assistance, contact: Central Jersey Family Health Consortium
1-888-999-1780 or

Small Group Coaching Sessions and Webinars


Small Group Sessions
Small group sessions for Family Child Care Providers and Child Care Centers provide live virtual learning and support in small groups with experienced consultants. Small group session topics are relevant to the business aspects of your child care business. They are the perfect opportunities to discuss well-paced important subjects, gain knowledge to help your child care business thrive and grow, get organized, and build valuable business-related skills.

Training Webinars
This live virtual webinar series is specifically devoted to Family Child Care Providers and Child Care Centers. You will build skills and obtain knowledge that is integral to your business’s success.

Download the flyer for session dates/times


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