Parents FAQs

Parent Services and Customer Service

Q. How long will it take to build the contract?
A. The agency has 10 days from the day fully completed paperwork is submitted to be processed. The contract will be built in the order in which it is received.

Q. When pre-contract is dropped off, when can I start taking my child to the provider?
A. When pre-contract is dropped off, we have 10 days to process any paperwork. You can start taking your child when the contracts are built and are in the system. You can always call the agency and verify with us the start date of a contract.

Q. What is the process of changing providers?
A. The client must come to the agency and speak to a counselor. Ten days’ notice will be given to the current provider and pre-contracts will be given so the new provider can sign. All signed paperwork must be returned in a timely manner

Q. What is a co-payment? Why do I have one? To whom do I pay it? What is my copayment?
A. Co-payment means a portion of the family income that is paid by the eligible family toward the cost of child care. The amount of the required co-payment is based on the family’s annual gross income, family size, hours of care needed and the number of children in care. The co-payment is paid to the provider. Your co-payment can be found on the child-care contract. Your co-payment can be found in your contract under “Part C-Summary of Daily Payments Per Month.” The amount is found under “Less Daily Co- Pay.”

Q. Do I have to pay my co-payment even if my child doesn’t attend?
A. Yes, the co-payment must be paid as long as the contract is active, whether your child attends or not.

Q. Until what age can a child receive subsidy?
A. A child can receive subsidy until the age of 13. If the child is special needs, he/she can receive subsidy until the age of 19.

Q. After I’m approved, is my child allowed to attend only centers in Passaic County?
A. A client can choose any provider who is regulated or licensed by the State of New Jersey Department of Licensing or residences that meet minimum health and safety standards and have been approved by the Child Care Resource & Referral (CC&R) agency, which is 4CS for Passaic County.

Q. Can a provider charge me extra after a certain time?
A. A provider can have her or his own rates and fees. Please discuss this information with your provider before placing your child.

Q. What do I do if my child care through Workfirst has been stopped?
A. Contact the Workfirst located at the Board of Social Services.

Q. If I receive a contract from the 4CS caseworker at the Board of Social Services, where does it need to be returned?
A. All signed pre-contracts must be returned by the stated due date to the main office located at 2 Market St., 3rd Floor, Paterson NJ 07501.
Mail: 4CS of Passaic County, Inc., 2 Market Street, 3rd floor, Paterson, NJ 07501
Fax: (973) 684-0468

Q. Which card of WFNJ (New Jersey Work First) do I use?
A. The card that should be used for childcare attendance is your food-stamp card. Please contact the agency to link your food stamp card to your case.

Q. Would the state pay child care after my contract is over?
A. Once your childcare contract is over, all payments to the provider will be stopped.


Q. Why do I need to submit all these documents in order to be determined eligible for subsidy?
A. Every document requested is needed in order to determine your eligibility status. Documentation is crucial in the eligibility process. These documents are required by the federal government who funds the child-care subsidy program. 4CS of Passaic County must adhere to federal and state rules regarding document submission.

Q. What are the documents that I need to submit in order to apply for subsidy?
A. Employment: Client must provide us with four weeks of pay stubs (two paid biweekly, four-paid weekly) dated within 6 weeks of the application stamp date. The client must be employed at least 30 hours per week for the New Jersey Cares for Kinds (NJCK) program, 25 hours per week for the NJ Department of Education Preschool Wraparound Child Care program and for the Community Care Voucher Centers (CCVC) program.
School: Client must provide us with school schedule (with school seal and/or stamp). The school schedule must state client’s name, date of term/semester end, and number of credits. Client will have 30 days from training end date to provide us with certification and new full-time activity.
Training: Client must provide us with a letter stating number of hours per week and start and end dates. Client will have 30 days from training end date to provide us with certification and new full-time activity.

Q. How many hours do I need to work in order to qualify for subsidy?
A. Client must be in a full-time activity in order to qualify for NJCK (New Jersey Cares for Kids) application
Client must be employed at least 25 hours per week DOE (Department of Education) wrap-around program and CCVC (Community Care Voucher Centers) program
Training requirements are 20 hours per week
High school students are considered full-time
Clients can do a combination of work and school but it has to add up to 30 hours weekly, or client can apply with 12 credits (online classes are not taken into consideration). Clients obtaining a master’s degree must be taking at least nine credits in order to be considered a full-time student.

Q. How long does it take for my application to be processed?
A. It can take up to 10 business days to process a completed application and up to 45days for an incomplete application.

Q. What is the maximum amount I can earn for my family size?
A. Please refer income eligibility schedules for child care assistance. Click here for Eligibility Chart

Q. I am not employed at this time but my husband is employed, do we qualify?
A. If you are legally married and/or residing together, both parents must be in a full time activity.

Q. Why do I have to add my significant other/partner if we are not legally married?
A. If you are in the same residence, the other individual’s income is included in the household income.

Q. Up to what age does a child qualify?
A. The subsidy covers children up until they are 13 years of age, unless they are classified as special needs. If the child has a special need, an up-to-date IFPS (Individualized Family Service Plan) (child with special need under the age of 5 years old) or IEP (Individualized Education Program) (child is school age, 5 and up) must be submitted as well. This enables the child to remain on the program until the age of 18. Note: If the child turns 13 before annual eligibility redetermination, the child’s contract will not be stopped until the annual redetermination.

Q. Do I need to have a Social Security number or TIN (Tax Identification Number) to apply?
A. No, a Social Security number is not required for the parent to apply. But, the child must have a Social Security number and card in order to receive subsidy.

Q. Why can’t I receive the subsidy before I find employment?
A. Employment or some type of full-time activity is required in order to be deemed eligible.

Q. Do I have to report child support income I am receiving for my other child, who is not on the program?
A. Yes, it is considered your household income, so it must be included as part of income calculation.

Q. If I get paid in cash, can I apply?
A. Yes, you must submit your tax return for the current year and/or previous year and your IRS transcript. Exception—CCVC (Community Care Voucher Centers) cases, different rules apply. Please also note that program rules may be subject to change by the State of New Jersey Department of Human Service or by the federal government’s Department of Health and Human Services.

Q. I’m receiving disability and live on my own. Would I qualify?
A. No. Per state regulations, client must be attending a full-time activity in order to qualify. If there are two people in the household, either the applicant or co-applicant has to be in a full- time activity in order to qualify.

Q. Can I include my child who is 18 years old or older in my family size?
A. Yes, but the child must be claimed on your taxes as a dependent.

Q. When does a change in family size, employment, or activity have to be reported? How many days to report?
A. Clients are required to report any changes within 10 days to the agency. This includes changes in family income, family size, home address, phone number, hours of employment/training/education, changes in child-care providers and/or hours of child care needed, and any changes in care, hours, consecutive absences and leaving care.

Q. How can I add another child?
A. An add-on application must be completed for the additional child, as well as supporting documents (birth certificate and Social Security card).