Low- and moderate-income working parents can receive help paying for child care. Financial help may be provided under contracts between the state and child care centers or through vouchers. These certificates allow parents to choose a child care program. The vouchers can be used for licensed centers or registered family day care homes, which are allowed to care for five children at a time.

Work First NJ

Children whose families receive assistance under the state welfare program, Work First NJ, may be entitled to free child care. Former Work First NJ participants receive subsidized child care for up to two years after starting work. Those clients make a small co-payment based on family size and income.

NJ Cares for Kids

Families may also receive help paying for child care under the New Jersey Cares for Kids program. Eligibility is determined by family size, employment and/or education hours, and income.

Parents or guardians can call, visit, or write 4CS of Passaic County to receive an application. You may click to download Child Care Subsidy Application Form (English) or (Spanish). Instructions are included. However, 4CS staff provide help with the process. Once approved for a subsidy, staff continue to assist parents with changes and any other areas that might affect their eligibility. (click here for NJCK Income Eligibility chart)

Contracted Child Care Centers

Contracted Child Care Centers provide subsidized spaces in their center to serve families who are eligible for child care subsidy assistance. For information about these child care centers in Passaic County, call 973-684-1904.

Head Start

The federal Head Start program provides grants to local public and private non-profit and for-profit agencies to provide free child development services to economically disadvantaged children and families, with a special focus on helping preschoolers develop the early reading and math skills they need to be successful in school. For information about Head Start programs in Passaic County, please call 973-684-1904.

Kinship Care

Kinship caregivers, adults who are raising relativesí children in their own homes, can often qualify for child care subsidies from the state of New Jersey.

To qualify for child care subsidies, kinship caregivers must prove they are relatives or legal guardians of the children and that the children live with them. Those under age 60 who are not working or preparing for work must prove they are disabled. Financial eligibility depends on the kinship caregiverís age and the size and income of the family unit. Caregivers must present proof of age and income.

To learn more about child care resources in Passaic County, please call 973-684-1904. Outside of the county you may contact the Kinship Navigator at 1-877-816-3211 or the state child care help line at 1-800-332-9227.

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